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  • Company specialized in the construction of custom-designed tools.

    Since the beginning we decided to support the realization of standard tools,
    through the research and design of customized tools for each type of processing required.
    Customers can get from us a custom-made design for the processing of wood,
    polymers and light alloys, combined with the guarantee of its storage for future use.


    From the idea to the project

    The design department is the mind of the whole company: this is where the idea takes shape. The growing demand for customized solutions has pushed us over the years to expand more and more the technical skills and to carry out more and more elaborate customized projects for every type of processing on wood, polymers and light alloys.

    This is why we are constantly investing, not just in qualified personnel, but also in modern and performing software and production lines. .

    Today, the realization of tools designed according to customer's measurements and design is our production focus and our pride in an increasingly conformed and homogeneous market.

    From design to production

    Once the project has been established and all the details of the process have been defined, the tool enters real production. A production process entirely managed by us in the company and every stage of which, up to delivery is checked.

    The internal production chain allows us to always guarantee the maximum quality and reliability on the tools made, therefore the customer is certain to receive an ad hoc and safe solution without unexpected problems.

    The production phase, like the design phase, is characterized by the choice of highly specialized technicians and workers and for the constant research of quality raw materials that can meet and satisfy every market request.

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