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    Diatech while maintaining a large production range dedicated to the production of standard tools, invests above all in the design of special custom-made tools, for the processing of wood, polymers and light alloys.


    Diatech’s main objective is to offer customers high-performance tools in terms of quality, functionality and safety, always guaranteeing a high specialization in production but also in assistance and consulting services.

    40-Year Experience

    We are a company with a long history - exactly 40 years - in the production sector of polycrystalline diamond tools for processing on wood, polymers and light alloys.

    Forty years of growth, research and development that have allowed us to increasingly refine our production with projects designed to meet customer needs. While maintaining a substantial production range of standard blades, our resources are more focused on the design and manufacture of custom-designed tools.

    The internal production chain, which allows us a constant control from the beginning to the end of the processing; the selection of quality raw materials, supplied by the main companies in the world; an excellent consulting and assistance service; a team of qualified technicians and designers are just some of the reasons why, today, we are able to satisfy every need of our customers very well.

    An important collaboration based on mutual esteem and trust, as attested by the Authorized Distribution Partner Certification.

    We design custom-made tools for every type of process on wood, polymers and light alloys.


    We have always dedicated most of our resources to updating and researching more and more efficient technologies. This care allows us to be constantly in step with the times, creating tools for the processing of wood, polymers and light alloys that are modern and in line with the most diverse requests.

    A goal that we achieve thanks to the decision of investing regularly, not only in the maintenance of the production plants, but also in the selection of qualified technicians and workers.

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