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Diamonds & HM tools for woodworking

Company specialized in the construction of custom-designed tools.

Sizing Tools-icon

Sizing Tools

Wide range of sizing blades for all types of processing. Together with the standard blades we produce sizing blades with customized shape and dimensions of the cutting edge.
Squaring Tools-icon

Squaring Tools

We realize squaring tools suitable for every type of wood processing plant.
The design and dimensional calculation of the tools is customizable.

Edge Banding Tools-icon

Edge Banding Tools

Tools for all edge banding phases are available: grinding, roughing, trimming and finishing. The design and dimensional calculation of the tools can be customized.

Drilling Tools-icon

Drilling Tools

We design drilling tools. In addition to the wide range of standard sizes and hard metal coating, we produce customized tools and with diamond cutting edge.
Pantographing Tools-icon

Pantographing Tools

We have pantographing tools for every need, including Nesting processing, which thanks to the customization service adapts to each processing.
Shaping Tools And Parquet Groups-icon

Shaping Tools And Parquet Groups

Tailor-made processing allows us to create special shaped tools and "parquet groups" for every type of processing, even the most complex one.


The initial consultancy is the basis for obtaining a custom project on the specific needs of customers. Understanding the type of the required processing allows us to develop the most suitable tool first by hand, then graphically, always guaranteeing a high performance and 100% customized product.
Once the required needs are understood and processed, the real project comes to life thanks to a qualified team of designers and designers. Through the digital projection of the processing we create 3D rendering on the functionalities, optimizing production and realizing a high-performance and long-lasting finished product.
The manufacturing process begins with the processing: after the customer's needs are aligned with the project and its feasibility, the required tool begins to take shape. Thanks to an internal and controlled production chain, we obtain high-performance, safe and customized tools for the most diverse requests.
The quality check is the last phase of the manufacturing process to guarantee the customer a safe and compliant product, not only from a functional point of view, but also in terms of safety. The tool made, before leaving the factory, is subjected to different tests and only afterwards is delivered to the customer, with appropriate certification.
We guarantee shipments all over the world thanks to the collaboration with the most reliable couriers: DHL, UPS and TNT. Our tools are also shipped in sturdy wooden cases for maximum protection during transport. Delivery times are short, too, in full compliance with the set deadlines.
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Safety, Assistance, Experience.

We are a company with a long history - exactly 40 years - in the production sector of polycrystalline diamond tools for processing on wood, polymers and light alloys..

Forty years of growth, research and development that have allowed us to increasingly refine our production with projects designed to meet customer needs. While maintaining a substantial production range of standard blades, our resources are more focused on the design and manufacture of custom-designed tools. .

The internal production chain, which allows us a constant control from the beginning to the end of the processing; the selection of quality raw materials, supplied by the main companies in the world; an excellent consulting and assistance service; a team of qualified technicians and designers are just some of the reasons why, today, we are able to satisfy every need of our customers very well.